Map It Help/About was created by Percy to fulfill a need to easily share exact location information, particularly for locations that are not popular enough to be already a designated point of interest on popular maps. The web server does not keep any information. Since all data is only encoded in the URL, information privacy is ensured.


  1. Move the marker by drag and drop to your desired location. Click on the marker to see the marker content or double click on the marker to change the content and marker icon. When satisfied, copy and send the URL to others to share this location information. Let them modify it to re-propose something different and send it back to you.
  2. Map It is programmed to only keep all location information, message and message title in the URL. It does not record any information on the server itself. The server only process the URL information to reconstitute the map and the marker information. While privacy is ensured through this programming architecture/style, if the URL is lost, then the information is lost permanently.
  3. For small amount of message text, the URL is not too long. However, a lengthy text message can make the URL take up an entire page.
  4. Since the URL can be quite long at over 1000 characters, you can use a URL shortening service to capture the long URL and only email the shortened URL. A popular URL shortening service is
  5. I can not clearly see the marker on the map. Answer – Use a dark colored marker on the standard lighter road map background; alternatively, use a light colored marker on the darker satellite background to give better contrast.
  6. Map It currently does not work with Internet Explorer browsers. If you feel that this functionality is very important, send an email to Shing.
  7. If you have another marker or an idea for a marker that you would like, please send email Shing to have it incorporated into mapit.
  8. Map It discussion/blog is available at
  9. For additional requests or comments please send email to ““.

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